Strengthen your code up-to the perfection

Detect and understand the most subtle undefined behaviors in your C and C++ projects hosted on GitHub.

Continuously analyze commits without noise – each problem found is a real bug.

TrustInSoft CI

What is TrustInSoft CI?

TrustInSoft CI is a free online platform to analyze C and C++ code to detect undefined behaviors according to ISO standards.

The code is analyzed by TrustInSoft Analyzer, a powerful static analyzer which exhaustively finds all bugs thanks to formal methods.

Each code update may introduce new bugs, TrustInSoft CI allows developers to automatically analyze any new commit to detect regressions before any deployment to production.

Which kind of code can be analyzed?

Only source code, no binary code accepted.
C and C++ languages are supported.
The code must be publicly hosted on GitHub.
An entry point is required for each analysis:
unit tests are perfect to begin with!
Your project does not fit the requirements? See our other products

How to use TrustInSoft CI

Configure your project

Setup your project

  • Describe your analyses with configuration files
  • Use your existing unit tests as an entry point for analyses
    • Testing finding all undefined behaviors
    • Simulate different architectures easily

Detect problems at a glance

Detect problems at a glance

  • Green guarantee no undefined behaviors on this path
  • Red problem detected
  • No false positives: each detected problem is a real flaw
  • Find bugs that other tools cannot detect

Investigate any reported problem

Investigate any reported problem

  • Easy access to all analysis reports
  • Get details about any reported problem:
    • The exact location
    • The callstack leading to this problem
    • The value of involved variables at this location

Understand the origin of flaws

Understand the origin of flaws

Access to the powerful TrustInSoft Analyzer Graphical User Interface:

  • Dive into a non-ambiguous version of your code
    • Implicit is made explicit in order to understand, not to guess
    • Understand the call scheme of methods for your C++ objects
  • Explore the value of any variable at any location of the program
  • Trace back the origins of problematic values
  • Get more metrics, and much more...

Monitor your projects

Monitor your projects

Fix or update your code without worries:

  • Analyses are run automatically on any new commits
    • Follow your progression at fixing bugs
    • Be warned of any new problems or regressions
  • Enable e-mail notification to catch any problem

Explore for new ideas

Are you short on inspiration?

Explore for new ideas

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TrustInSoft Analyzer

TrustInSoft Analyzer

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Analyze more than unit tests
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Dedicated support
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