TrustInSoft CI continuously detects undefined behaviors in your C and C++ code. It’s currently in beta on public GitHub repositories:

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To get started, follow our introduction tutorial that explains all the fundamentals of TrustInSoft CI on a simple project.

TrustInSoft CI helps you continuously detect, understand and prove the absence of undefined behaviors in your C and C++ code.

Then feel free to select your own project below!

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Want to try on a simple project? Follow our tutorial

Set up the Continuous Integration with a tis.config file

For TrustInSoft CI to know how to verify your project, you need to specify at least one test configuration object in a tis.config file.

A test configuration object is a light specification in JSON of a given test in your project's test suite. For each specified test, TrustInSoft CI will detect all the undefined behaviors along the test path.

Follow these steps to write a test configuration object and set up the tis.config file:


Add a file named tis.config to your project root directory.


Populate the tis.config file with the skeleton tis.config file and configuration object below.


Update the configuration object to specify one of your tests. Learn about all the configuration options


Push the tis.config file to GitHub on the first branch that you'd like to verify.

Skeleton tis.config file

    "name": "Test name",        // Give a name to your test in TrustInSoft CI
    "files": ["main.c"],        // List all the .c and .cpp source files used by the test
    "cpp-extra-args": "-I.",    // Include all the compilation command options like if you were to compile the test
    "main": "main"              // Specify the entry point function for the test (optional, default is "main")
Almost there, start your first verification!

Select the first branch that you'd like to verify and kick-off the verification! This will make TrustInSoft CI listen to updates on any branch that has a tis.config file.

Retrieving the project branches...

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